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All groups/lessons are subject to a one time registration fee of $25

There are 44 weeks in our lesson year. Tuition is broken down evenly into 12 monthly payments

Kayla Peeters Music piano lessons3


No matter what your experience level is, I would love to bring the joy of music to you!

Kayla Peeters Music piano lessons1


A passionate educator and instructor. Kayla Peeters is available for private instruction online and in person specializing in classical training, pop training, composition, technique, theory and ear training.

Kayla Peeters Music piano lessons2

Lessons and Pricing

Lessons are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each student. This includes a balance of theory, sight-reading, ear training and repertoire appropriate to the student's level of proficiency.


Group Piano-

Lessons are weekly and are 30 mins in length. We have full sized weighted instruments with headphones for each student. Each student learns at their own pace.  Classes are ran by Kayla and a student teacher. Monthly the class works as a group on music theory, music games and more!

30min. lesson $100 per month.


Rotating Lessons-

Rotating Lessons is a recreational option for students 5 and up. Students attend weekly for 60 minutes and rotate in 20 min. stations. Each student will receive 20 min of private lesson time with the teacher, 20 min theory lab and 20 min of the practice lab. Once a month, we come together as a group and continue our learning with masterclasses, improvisation, composition and music games.

60 min. lesson $150.00 per month.

Online Lessons-

Online Lessons are held remotely and are available to all students local and nationwide. 

30 min. private lesson $160.00 per month.

60 min. private lesson $320.00 per month.

Private Lessons-

Starting ages 5 years and up.

30 min. private lesson $160.00 per month.

60 min. private lesson $320.00 per month.

A la Carte Lessons-

Lessons a la carte are for adult students who want to learn a specific technique, song or who cannot commit to the same lesson time weekly.

30min. private a la carte lessons starting at $50.00 per lesson.

If you wish to purchase lesson packages or gift cards, please contact us.

Ready to enroll? Please contact us for our updated schedule of lessons!

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