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About the Artist Kayla Peeters


Artist Biography

Welcome to Kayla Peeters Music!


It’s so nice to meet you! Kayla Peeters Music was Founded in 2006 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With over 30 years of piano playing experience, and over a decade of teaching experience, my approach and passion for music has gained recognition for my solo piano recordings and My teaching approach to teaching music involves creating a personalized curriculum that is tailored to each student's specific interests and skill levels. I am a proud member of the Music Teachers National Association as well as the Wisconsin Teachers Music Association and offer my students the highest level of instruction. ​


My passion for music began at an early age, and I have spent countless hours perfecting my craft. In 2010, I released my first Solo Piano album, “The Beginning”, which led me to a successful career in teaching, performing and composing. ​


My personal style is classical crossover, blending traditional classical music with contemporary elements. I love all styles of music and encourage my students to explore a variety of genres. With my personalized approach, vast knowledge of music theory, and a focus on developing a strong foundation, you will gain the tools and confidence to thrive as a musician. Whether you are looking to prepare for exams, pursue a career in music, or simply want to learn for the joy of it, schedule a free consultation today! ​


Thank you!

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